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18 April 2009 @ 02:47 pm
Ah, hello! This is K (joeoswaldeugene) and I'm just here to tell you guys that I moved my journal to fightingforbees. I'll be posting from this journal from now on.


I was trying to sleep but sometimes I'm an insomniac.
Three poems.
Under cut, please~~


I guess I'd be scared but Daddy, what if, the spider hurt me?Collapse )


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14 April 2009 @ 11:28 am

My Husband is in the Air Force<3 i wrote these for him. long stories behind the second one, but lemme know what you think

When I dream of what I miss, I fly to where you are

Above the sky by each planet, each comet, each star.

I find myself standing with you staring in my eyes

And every little pain of missing you slowly dies

Your short hair feels so stubly, your eyebrows raise so high

My knees begin to break when I look into each ocean colored eye

You smile your crooked smile that makes me want to kiss

Those perfect lips you have, to send me into bliss

Your freckled solid shoulders and strong arms are such a sight

Your fingers fit in the spaces between mine just so tight

Your body wants a hug; I miss when our chests touch

Your skin feels so soft, something that I miss so much

Your legs seem to want to collapse, you feel the same way I do

I love to finally get to watch you and see the way you move

You give my stomach butterflies, you feel perfect in every way

Right here in your safe eyes and arms is where I want to stay

You whisper to me softly, saying my name

It’s only your voice I hear again and again

Exhausted from being so lonely. Tonight I can finally be yours

I listen to every word, my imagination soars

My eyes are locked on yours while your words fill my ears

Worried this might end has become one of my biggest fears

You fill my heart with wonder, completing my life

The other half of my heart, the husband to my wife

I could sit in front of you for hours because it’s hard to see it go

I wish this wasn’t just a dream, I wish waking up wasn’t so

I’ll count down the days and hours till I see you once again

The proudest wife I’ll be, when I hear them say your name

Until our sweet embrace I’ll dream this every night

Then seeing you in person can make this feeling right

Your have the heart of a lion, strength of a brick wall

You make me feel lucky, you make me stand tall

I love you inside and out, and that will never ever go away

Because in your eyes and in your arms is where I plan to stay


Looking up at the same night sky
Constantly wishing there was never a goodbye
Trying to picture their calming face
To put them into their comfort place
Fifteen hundred miles of wonder and dismay
Sit between where each heart lay
Making a difference and marching in line
He fights for his life and passes the time
She reads week old messages with love in each letter
Anything she can do to make the moments pass better
Rough weeks passed by quickly without any slack
Harsh words said by both they wish could be taken back
Known since the first time there eyes locked tight
She would hold on to him with love so tight
After all of the decisions, good and the bad
And all of the pain the both of them had
Remembering the words that they both vowed
She couldn’t help but be a wife so proud
11:11, make a deep wish fast
She wishes his love for her while he’s gone will still last
Lying in his favorite shirt she hugs her pillow tight
Looking up seeing the same old moon’s light
Future so blurry, can’t be without him
The moon is so full but just seems so dim
Fifteen hundred miles of wonder and dismay
Sit between where each heart lay
She pictures his touch and continues to write
Her letters shed tears with each “love, me” she types
She’d give up her whole world to work through the pain
Knowing there’s the ability to be “them” again
Lying awake in bed while the tears stream her face
Each tear collected by her comforting pillow case
Missing his voice and his pointless chit-chat
Closing her eyes to pretend to be where’s he’s at
Just wanting to heal this cut
Wanting to get themselves out of this rut
Fifteen hundred miles of wonder and dismay
Sit between where each heart lay
Her love aches her heart while she awaits contact
Wanting his voice, his comfort, his touch back
Be safe, be strong
Please don’t be away long
She’ll support him till death with each decision he makes
United States Air Force wife who’ll do whatever it takes
She crosses her fingers and blows him a kiss
She hopes for the best, she wants to go back to the bliss
Last promise made was to “look up before sleep, send a kiss through the moon,”
P.s. I miss you so much, please write me soon.
Looking up at the same night sky
She whispers “Sleep tight boy, I love you goodnight”
A short story assignment that went a bit haywire.
Any ideas, comments, title suggestions would be great.

On an ordinary Tuesday in December, Brad decided to risk the weather and walk instead of wasting the three dollars for bus fare.Collapse )
Thanks :D

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13 April 2009 @ 02:21 pm
Hello everyone! This is my first post here, and I'd like to say this community is definitely something I've been looking for. :)
This is just a small something I wrote awhile back. It was accompanied and somewhat inspired by this image.

I hate this feeling. It's new, and I'd like to cancel my subscription. thanks. I'm waiting, always waiting. For something, I'm not always sure what. I'm hopeful and it's getting old.I'm becoming a downer. Scratch that, something clicked and I'm revealing the darker part of my mind. I like to refer to this as "the real me". I'm the most bitter pessimist you'll ever meet but I'm disguised as the brightest optimist. I might enjoy secrets more than I admit. But only when I'm causing the hurt, not when the pain is inflicted upon me. But tonight it's arrogant vs. woe is me. I don't care who comes out less battered, we all lose in the end. I'm taking down these walls, rip me apart. That's the only way I can love you. It's simple, I promise.

Try and catch your breath.
13 April 2009 @ 05:59 pm

here it's members-only so please join
13 April 2009 @ 09:00 am
Just a simple reflection:

A friend of mine always said she was ugly just because she can’t get the guy she’s hopelessly in love with. I always have to tell her, “No you’re not ugly,” and she’ll counter with “My hair is ugly,” even though it’s not. Her hair is naturally curled in chocolate brown ringlets and it always reminds me of a telephone wire and how we usually talk on the phone too much. But she doesn’t call anymore so I guess she’d gotten tired of telling me about how her hair’s ugly. Maybe I, too, have gotten tired of telling her it’s not. Sometimes though, I wish I could get off my ass and call her to tell her it’s not, just so she won’t feel that sad.

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So, this is very very small.
And again, two Versions.
It's kind of a feeling I had today. And I made it for my character in Balmora.

Zuhause. Wo bist du?
Einsam irrst du durch die Welt.
Auf der Suche nach deinem Leben.
Deinen Wurzeln.
Und das Lächeln schwindet.
Denn du bist allein.

English version:
Home. Where are you?
Lonely you wander about the world.
Searching for your life.
Your roots.
And smile fades away.
You're alone.
12 April 2009 @ 09:24 am
So, here is something from me. For better understanding I have two Versions. One in English,. one in German. For both of them:
love ♥ Julia

Click the cutter...Collapse )
12 April 2009 @ 02:42 pm

They say it gets easier and because naivety is such a thing in your past,you brush those thoughts of hope swiftly aside. You know that in time to come,a month,a day, two weeks, you will forget his name, you will forget your tears. You know that in time to come, the memories of all those nights, of all those nights that you spent just listening to nothing but the beat of your fragiled heart,will serve to be a reminder of how,as they once again say ,time has healed your wound.

You know that all your possessions, all those that are tainted with his smell,his hint of presence will be given away, will be thrown away. You know that in time to come,you will laugh as hard as you have ever and you will be geniuely happy. You know all of this is possible.You know it because living through that was not the hardest part yet.

Because when they say that it gets easier, they conveniently forget. They conveniently forget that you've  built  a fort around your heart, that you've unwillingly built an indestructible fort.

hi,i'm simran!