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24 April 2009 @ 11:11 pm
Sing for me  

Title: Sing for me
Length: One Shot
Rating: PG

N/A: Yes another One shot... i'll be posting the long ones when i'll feel like it. I know not so cool!

She was looking at her reflexion in the mirror with disbelief; she never thought that would come true someday. Six minutes until she’ll hit the stage, her heart was beating so hard that she could hear it. She took a deep breath and stood up as the makeup artist finished her artistic touches. She started warming her voice trying to get the tension out of it. It was her first performance and the most important one. All the celebrities of the country were there. The American lady was determinating to do her best, she wanted to prove, all those who were against having international singers in SM entertainment, wrong. She was determinating to be the best, and to blow their minds. She needed to be the best, her hopes were high, she wanted to seduce him, and she wanted him to fall for her. At least he had to notice her after that performance.

“Sunar, One minute”

(Sing for me)
Current Music: Beautiful lie by 30 seconds to mars