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20 April 2009 @ 07:17 pm
Heart-shaped box [OS]  

Title: Heart-shaped box
Length: One Shot/Short story
Rating: PG
Genre: Rmance, Drama

N/A: This is my first time posting some of my writing here. I still need to fix some problems i still have here in LJ, well i'm a blogger girl!
Eitherway i hope you'll like this One Shot, maybe i'll start posting my other chaptered stories later on.


It was 2 am. The streets were empty. New York was her home and that moment of the night was all hers. She walked thoughtfully as she was enjoying the nice cold breeze brushing against her skin. She was wandering through her thoughts, thinking about her life. She has never been happier, everything she worked for got to its good results. But she tended to mess with it; her pride was playing that role again. Why I gave up on the one I liked so much, she thought.

(Heart-shaped box)