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13 December 2009 @ 02:29 pm
I'm not her (guilt) - poem  
Had forgotten this community, and I'm seemingly not the only one, and thought that I could post something to it (and say that the background should probably be changed... it doesn't work anymore, lmao)

She wears a different perfume
significant change
I'm beginning to question
the reality of all of this
the ceiling and the walls are closing in
question reality but do not doubt
lines of lies and fake are blurry
kiss me and remember
did I even mean anything?

Mirror images
I'm still the same
whore it screams
and I'm cowering
staring at a piece of glass
where did I loose myself
along this way

And she's a whole different she
nothing will change her into me
nothing will erase the truth

I'm not the same
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