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18 June 2009 @ 01:08 pm
The Happy Ending  

I reckognized that I'm also in this communitiy but never posted anything. Strange me o_____o
Never met someone forgetful as me, huh?

So, it is my first english short story. Normally I'm writing in german xD
The title ist "The Happy Ending" (:

Ah, before I forget again: It's set on the Titanic. It's the evening of the 14th april, 1912.



It was Thomas Benfords sixty-fifth birthday, when they were sitting in this saloon, surrounded by several people – men and women he’d never seen for the most part. They were chatting about unimportant or uninteresting things like fashion, technology… Or what ever. He didn’t care.

Instead Thomas thought of the life he had had until now. He was born in 1847 as an absolutely normal boy. Relatively early he inherited a lot of money and his peerage. So Thomas became an English lord, soon marrying a lovely woman and getting two daughters. And it wasn’t what he wanted to have. Of course he loved his wife – he always did – and it wasn’t different with his daughters. But there wasn’t anything in life by now that really made him happy. To say with the words of the younger ones: The Lord was fed up with life. It wouldn’t bother him to die.

So why was he living? Because of his family. As much as he loved them – as well he knew them. They wouldn’t have a bad time without him. They would mourn him, but they would also have enough money to live on it – if they weren’t that lavish. They needed Thomas and he knew that. So he remained in life, hoping for a natural and soon end.

"Thomas, my dear, is everything all right?"

It was Mary, his wife.

"Yes, everything’s all right," he muttered, adumbrating a smile. She sat next to him together with Sue and Janice. It had been their idea to make this journey. On the one hand it was his birthday present, on the other hand it was for their enjoyment. They just killed two birds with one stone. It didn’t bother him either. They were all sometimes a little bit selfish. As long as it had no bad implications, it was okay.

Abruptly the old man got up.

"I’m just going to take some air," he said and left the saloon. The way outside wasn’t that far and soon he breathed fresh, cold air. He wandered over deck and watched the bright stars. The night was cold and clear. Actually it was a beautiful night – that’s what Mary would say. But even if it felt good to stay here, it was nothing that really impressed him. Such an awful situation…


Thomas winced when he heard this horrible noise. Suddenly there was silence again, dead silence. Then some people came out as he did before to look after the reason for this noise. He followed them, curious and terrified at the same time. What had happened?

They went starboard. There weren’t so many people by now, but the number was growing. They stood and wondered. He thought he was one of the first who saw the strange appearance of the water just beneath them. Like water that poured in somewhere. His eyes got locked from this view, the time froze.

There was a leak. A big one. Someone screamed. No one panicked by now, but Thomas saw the frightened faces then. There was fear.

It was just him that sighed in relief. His family – he didn’t know what was going to happen. But he wouldn’t leave them on his own.

Yes, it wasn’t his decision. It wasn’t even natural – not in the way he meant it. But it was soon. It was now.

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polaris_86: roguepolaris_86 on June 18th, 2009 05:34 pm (UTC)
This was quite interesting. I liked it. ^^
shiku_49shiku_49 on June 18th, 2009 05:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you (:
Actually it was a homework for my english... "Leistungskurs" xD
But I don't know, wether there're mistakes in the language left...
[if you see some, tell me!]
But thanks ;D