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26 April 2009 @ 12:46 pm
Take the word of a sailor;  
Rhyming isn't my style, but I was thinking of making a picture book with a poem to complement it:


I was traveling at sea,
looking for a piece of me.
An angel came from under
a shining cloud of thunder.
She took my hand and waved hello,
frightened me to death, because she was mellow.
She pointed to west, so long through her hand,
begged me to follow, told me to stand.
I refused, of course, for we were at sea
I said I was looking for a piece of me.
She laughed whole-heartily and pointed again
to north this time, to a rock-coral den.
I rowed the boat as fast as I could
because she was an angel and maybe I would
find what I needed so terribly,
find someone who would kiss me caringly.
We stopped at the den and peered inside,
she lit the whole place, her halo shining wide.
My breath hitched as she looked at me,
so beautiful an angel, as fresh as the sea.
She smiled contently and told me to stay
just for a little while with her and say
that I would carry on forever, talking like this
about how I want her to spare me a kiss.
She held my hand as tight as she could
and led me farther so maybe I would,
find the piece of me
with her, across the sea.
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